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The history of Werfen boasts many technological milestones. Our innovations range from the development of the first blood gas analyser with direct measurement, through the CO-Oximeter, the integrated Co-Oximeter, the flame photometer with lithium internal standard, the microcentrifugal analyser with patented disposable rotor, solid state fluid technology, the first automated coagulation analyser, to the first cartridge based blood gas analyser with no requirement for gas cylinders. The continuing development of Werfen products is ensured by our commitment to a very intense research and development programme. All Werfen products consist of an integrated package of instruments, reagents, informatic systems and services for both the laboratory and point of care. In the UK, Werfen offers systems for Haemostasis, Critical Care, Clinical Chemistry, Autoimmune, Infectious Disease, Molecular Biology and Informatics.

Our current comprehensive range of products includes: -

Critical Care

GEM 4000 - building on the unprecedented testing simplicity, flexibility and reliability of the GEM Premier 3000. Immediate, accurate testing for blood gas, electrolytes, metabolites, Co-Oximetry and Total Bilirubin in one multi use disposable pack.

GEM web Plus 100 & 200 – the unique information management software that gives you ultimate control of all networked analysers- no matter where you are.

GEM 3500 - building on the testing simplicity, flexibility and reliability of the GEM Premier 3000. Immediate, accurate testing for blood gas, electrolytes and metabolites in one multi use disposable pack.

The ILab 300 and 600 families of clinical chemistry analysers complete with reagents for routine chemistry, specific protein and drug analysis.


The ACL TOP 350 CTS, 550 CTS, 750 CTS and 750 LAS – the most advanced and flexible coagulometers on the market

The ACL AcuStar – A fully automated, random access chemiluminescence analyser for high precision and high specificity testing of specialty haemostasis analytes

The ACL Elite and Elite Pro series of coagulometers

GeneXpert® System – the only cartridge based real time PCR system on the market for genetic testing of Factor V Leiden and Prothrombin 20210

Hemohub – a dedicated haemostasis data management system


BIO-FLASH - a fully automated, random access chemiluminescent analyser

NOVA View - an automated digital IFA microscope

ASP1200 – a small IFA slide processor

QUANTA-Lyser 2 – IFA/ELISA processor with built in barcode reader for easy sample identification

QUANTA-Lyser 160/240 - high throughput combined IFA and ELISA processor.

DS2 - two plate ELISA processor

BEST 2000 - four plate ELISA processor

QUANTA Link - data management system; IT solutions for all disciplines


SmartCycler II System - a modular, random access real time PCR instrument

Arrow System – a small footprint extraction platform

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